SOMA - Creativity through play

Who is Soma?

SOMA is a 1200 m2 unique space that offers playful and creative activities:

  • SOMACTION : the construction area
  • SOMAGIC : the sensory space
  • SOMART : the arts and crafts area
  • SOMANIMATION : the animated film laboratory (animation lab)
  • SOMATECH : the tech laboratory (techlab)
  • SOMAKE : the digital and traditional fabrication laboratory (fablab)
  • SOMIAM : the nourishing and nurturing space
  • SOMHAPPY : the relaxation space

What is the mission?

SOMA aims to inspire younger generations by sparking their creativity through playful, collaborative and inclusive experiences.

Children from 4 to 12 years old will be welcomed at SOMA throughout the year, accompanied by one or more adults, either with their families or with their schools. They will also be able to participate in thematic workshops and special events :