Creativity through play

SOMA is a creativity hub for children aged 4 to 12. Our mission: ignite creativity through play. Collaboration and inclusion are at the heart of our project!

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A Unique Experience

At SOMA, activities abound for everyone - families, friends, or school groups. Dive into a world ranging from cooking to robotics, art, and digital fabrication. Our aim is to ensure you leave SOMA happy and, above all, deeply inspired.

  • Awakening Creativity
  • Learning Through Play
  • Promoting Inclusion and Collaboration
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Art Workshop

SOMART: Unleash your creativity and imagination! Guided by passionate experts, you'll delve into your creative potential using diverse materials across various mediums that evolve with the seasons.


Cooking Workshop

SOMIAM: Perfect for budding chefs and flavour explorers! At SOMIAM, learn and enjoy in the kitchen, whether you're honing your culinary skills or just eager to discover new tastes.


Workshop Tech

SOMATECH: Dive into the Thrilling Realm of Technology! Learn coding, game creation, and robot programming – the perfect environment to develop logical thinking while having fun, and gaining new skills.


Construction Workshop

SOMACTION: More than just a soft play area. It's a vibrant space where scientific and mathematical ideas spring to life in tangible structures. Here, cooperation and collaboration flourish in shared projects."


To support us

SOMA is a Public Utility Foundation.

Our primary mission is to forge an accessible, stimulating environment for children and families of diverse backgrounds.

All proceeds from our activities, be it birthday celebrations or B2B rentals, are reinvested into our projects. This funding enables us to expand our spaces, maintain a skilled team, and develop fresh initiatives for social inclusion.

Your support, whether via donations or volunteering, is invaluable in upholding and spreading the values of SOMA.

Embrace our values!